Announcing the first World Patient Safety Day

For the very first time, on 17 September 2019, World Patient Safety Day will be marked with events around the world to raise awareness of the need to establish patient safety as a global health priority. The day brings stakeholders together in an effort to reduce the unintended harm caused by healthcare.


No one should be harmed in health care. And yet thousands of patients in the world suffer avoidable harm or are put at risk of injury while receiving health care every single day. Patient safety is the prevention of harm and the reduction of risk of injury and errors in health care. In high-income countries, it is estimated that 1 in 10 patients is harmed while receiving hospital care. The available evidence suggests that 134 million adverse events occur annually in hospitals in low- and middle-income countries, contributing to 2.6 million deaths every year.


World Patient Safety Day builds on a successful series of Global Ministerial Summits on Patient Safety pioneered in 2016 at London as well as relentless advocacy by leaders from all sectors — politicians, patient champions, patient safety experts and global public health leaders. The establishment of an annual World Patient Safety Day will give an opportunity to providers, seekers and managers of health care services to join a platform and express solidarity and compassion to make health care safer. The origin of the day is firmly grounded in the fundamental principle of medicine – First, to do no harm.


The objective of the very first World Patient Safety Day is to raise global awareness about patient safety with the theme ‘Patient Safety: a global health priority’. Openness and ‘blame-free’ environments are the minimum conditions for enacting a safety culture. Hence, to promote open communication for learning from errors and to emphasize the importance of patient safety, the slogan for World Patient Safety Day 2019 is “Speak up for patient safety!”



Joint Statement from ISQua and IHF for World Patient Safety Day


Today, on the first World Patient Safety Day, the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) and the International Hospital Federation (IHF) join in the worldwide celebration of World Patient Safety Day. ISQua and IHF are committed to improving patient safety and healthcare quality worldwide. This permeates and guides all of our deliberations and work.


We make our statement based on five key principles:


  1. The right of people to safe and high-quality care
  2. The importance of person-centred care as the foundation for safety
  3. The essential nature of a safety culture to facilitate safe care
  4. The need to base all interventions on Patient Safety Theory and Methodologies to improve processes and outcomes
  5. The importance of learning from what works well


ISQua and IHF  endorse the message of the World Health Organization (WHO) to ‘Speak up for patient safety!’ We are confident that all of our members share our principles and are working towards the goal of Zero Harm.


ISQua's Activities on #WorldPatientSafetyDay

Virtual Coffee Break

Tuesday, Sept 17th 2019 14:00 - 14:45 BST (UTC+01)


Join us on 17th September for an ISQua Virtual Coffee Break dedicated to Patient Safety! 


Patients, caregivers, advocates, medical professionals, and anyone interested in improving patient safety are invited to join in.


The concept behind the Virtual Coffee Break is to create an environment that fosters an informal chat amongst attendees. When in the meeting, you will be randomly assigned into breakout rooms of 4-10 participants, where you will have the ability to speak with one another in a virtual “face-to-face” environment.


Discussion Topic -  

“World Patient Safety Day: How can we promote open communication for learning from errors and emphasize the importance of patient safety?”




World Patient Safety Day Comments and Blogs

We asked our Experts and Patient Representatives for their thoughts regarding current patient safety conditions in their region and how they, and other caregivers & advocates can speak up for patient safety. We are delighted with the response!

World Patient Safety Day Activities and Events