In 2012 we organised, formalised and expanded our existing ad-hoc network of contributors, in order to better resource our long-standing activities and initiatives. This global network of world leaders is spread across a range of healthcare-related disciplines. 

This resource bank of highly skilled and well-informed healthcare leaders have become our 'ISQua Experts'.

ISQua Speaker Bureau

ISQua’s greatest asset is our global network of health care leaders. Our experts are spread across a range of disciplines with an interest in improving quality and safety in health care.


One of the benefits of Institutional Membership is the opportunity to request an ISQua Expert to speak at your event. 


To request a speaker for your event, please complete the speaker request form. We understand that not all of the requested information may be available, however, we appreciate your effort to give as many details as possible, ideally 8-12 weeks prior to your event. ISQua will reply to you as soon as possible regarding speaker availability.



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