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By Dr Albert Wu Thursday. Sep 26, 2019

Health care workers and adverse events: the golden moment with Albert Wu Featured

ISQua were delighted to host Dr Albert Wu, an international expert on the impact of adverse events and patient harm on healthcare staff, who presented a fantastic live webinar on "Health care workers and adverse events: the golden moment".


Webinar title
Health care workers and adverse events: the golden moment.

Too often, patients are harmed by medical care.  However,  the brief period of time that follows represents a “Golden Moment,” a window of opportunity to communicate with the patient, support involved healthcare staff, and improve patient safety.  The window is open for a short time only, before trust erodes, and judgements harden. The Golden Moment can be lost due to the prevailing culture, with fear of punishment or litigation, lack of awareness, and inadequate training.  As a result, incidents are not discussed with patients and families, clinicians do not received timely support, and opportunities to learn are missed.  The resulting silence adds insult to injury for patients, and clinicians also suffer unnecessarily.  The system fails to learn and future patients are harmed. The webinar will discuss how to foster a culture of safety,  strategies to promote open conversations with patients and families, and an organizational mechanism to support healthcare staff.  This approach can help to promote healing and improve the safety and quality of care.

Learning objectives
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Define the “golden moment” that occurs after a patient adverse event.
  • Explain who are the “second victims” of adverse events.
  • Outline key steps in what to do after an adverse event.
  • Explain the link between providing staff support and patient safety.



About the presenter
Albert Wu is a practicing general internist and Professor of Health Policy & Management at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, with joint appointments in Epidemiology, International Health, Medicine, Surgery, and Business. He is director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Services & Outcomes Research, and online Masters of Applied Science in Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality. He is an expert in quality of care and outcomes research, and has published over 450 papers and two books on related topics.  He was a member of the Institute of Medicine committee on medication errors, and Senior Adviser for Patient Safety to WHO in Geneva. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management.  He received an MD from Cornell and MPH from University of California, Berkeley.


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If you would like the opportunity to meet Dr Wu in person, he will be speaking at our 36th International Conference in Cape Town in October and you can find out more about #ISQua2019 HERE.


Albert's sessions at ISQua 2019:


Sun 20th October: Patient Reported Outcomes 101 – Principles, Tools and Implementation: A Stepwise Practical Approach


Mon 21st October: Opening Plenary: An Unexpected Convergence: Patient Outcomes and Patient Safety


Tue 22nd October: Second Victims: Why do we Still Underestimate the Impact of Adverse Events on Clinicians?


If you're interested in more virtual events like this and more opportunities to share with and learn from peers across the globe, have a look at ISQua education programmes HERE.



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