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By ISQua Monday. Apr 19, 2021

Watch the Recording: Coproducing Healthcare Service and its improvement - integrating & applying what we have learned Featured

 This is the sixth session offering an overview of the knowledge that underpins the coproduction of healthcare service. This session will briefly review what has been introduced in the first five sessions and will explore their integration and application in the daily work of coproducing healthcare service.

Intended Audience:
The webinar is intended for those seeking a brief overview of the underpinning streams of knowledge that regularly support the coproduction of healthcare service and its improvement. Healthcare professionals, educators, improvers, and system designers will be interested.

Learning Objectives:
a) To review four interrelated streams of knowledge that underpin the coproduction of healthcare service;
b) To explore a variety of practical ways of integrating diverse themes of knowledge, skill, and habit.
c) To contextualize the coproduction of better health in the larger framework of improving the quality of healthcare today.

Prof. Tina C Foster
Prof. Paul Batalden
Dr. John Brennan
Dr. Julie K Johnson, MSPH, PhD
Dr. Nilufar Rakhmanova, MD, MPH
Aricca Van Citters, MS 

Watch the recording below: 



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