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By Jeffrey Braithwaite Friday. Jun 17, 2022

Being on the Board of ISQua Featured

One is dedication to our Vision for the future: “To be the global leader of transformation in healthcare quality and safety for all.” Another is the deeply-held commitment to our Mission: “To inspire and drive improvement in the quality and safety of healthcare worldwide through education and knowledge sharing, external evaluation, supporting health systems, and connecting people through global networks.”


If you are one of those fellow travellers, and feel the time is right in your career to play an additional, key role in ISQua’s future, and you have a strong desire to make your voice heard and have greater impact than you currently do, you might consider running for a Board position.


Board members contribute as they would to any Board, such that the company is well governed and is successful fiscally: coming to Board meetings, being on a Board committee, offering expertise, ensuring that ISQua’s performance is sound, reviewing policy, monitoring the finances.


But taking a seat as an ISQua Board member is much more than doing usual Board business. It means joining an inspirational group of diverse people with a special role, and helping support an organisation which all of us already on the Board deeply believe in.


ISQua Board members make the words in the Vision and Mission come alive. They connect with the many ISQua networks and collaborations, and lend their expertise in service of others whether in low-, middle- or high-resource settings. They promote ISQua’s visibility at conferences, to policymakers and governments, in workplaces and healthcare organisations, across entire health systems, and to many others who seek our knowledge. They help people improve their own quality of care and safety of patients.


And it’s not all about doing things for ISQua, and for others in our ISQua family. Being on the Board of ISQua, I have found, gives back to the Board members in ways that are profound. It helps Board members develop their own capabilities, sharpen their leadership skills, and expand their worldview. Board members of ISQua find that they bolster their networks and circles of friends, colleagues, thought-leaders and collaborators around the world.


I’ve seen this happen now to many individuals over the years who have done a stint on the ISQua Board. So: why not think about joining the Board not just for the extra contributions you aim to make, but to experience the benefits that the role gives back to you, many times over.


From the vantage point of Board Chair and President of the Society, that’s what I believe you give and gain if you step up to the plate and offer yourself for election, and you are fortunate enough to be voted in by the membership. If I have described you and what you hope to achieve and contribute over the next part of your career, then it is clear what you need to do next. Put yourself forward. Further details about the requirements and how to apply are available here.


Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, PhD, FIML, FCHSM, FFPHRCP, FAcSS, Hon FRACMA, FAHMS

President and Board Chair

International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)


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