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By ISQua Tuesday. Dec 17, 2019

Watch Now: Quality in Crisis Situations with Dr Peter Lachman Featured

Dr Lachman presented a live webinar on Quality in Crisis Situations to round off a fantastic year of stellar guest presenters and discussions.

Here's everything you need to know:

Webinar title
Quality in crisis situations.

A key challenge for healthcare is to maintain high levels of quality and safety in periods of great stress, be it an epidemic, a natural disaster, war or a terrorist attack. The question is “how do we stay safe, effective and person-centred in all situations.” In this session we will examine the key elements of quality and patient safety and will provide practical solutions to ensure that those in fragile states and vulnerable circumstances can receive high quality care at all times. Patient safety and quality will require the development of an environment of anticipation with responsibilities being shared by all, healthcare providers and people who have limited resources. The aim will be to have quality and safe universal health coverage even if the system is under stress.

Learning objectives
Participants will learn about:

  • The importance of quality improvement in humanitarian crises.
  • What we mean by quality in these contexts.
  • Challenges that everyone faces across different crisis situations.
  • How we monitor quality improvement and how much resources we should expend on such monitoring.
  • Innovative ways to accelerate the quality improvement process.

About the presenter
Peter Lachman M.D. MPH. M.B.B.Ch., FRCPCH, FCP (SA), FRCPI assumed the position of ISQua Chief Executive Officer on 1st May 2016. He has extensive experience as a clinician and leader in quality improvement and patient safety. Dr Lachman was a Health Foundation Quality Improvement Fellow at IHI in 2005-2006 and developed the quality improvement programme at Great Ormond Street Hospital where he was the Deputy Medical Director with the lead for Patient Safety. Prior to joining ISQua, Peter was also a Consultant Paediatrician at the Royal Free Hospital in London specialising in the challenge of long-term conditions for children. Dr Lachman has been the National Clinical Lead for SAFE, a Heath Foundation funded RCPCH programme which aims to improve situation awareness in clinical teams. In Ireland he is Lead International Faculty at the RCPI in Dublin, where he co-directs the Leadership and Quality programme to develop clinical leaders in quality improvement. If you like online bingo you definitely have to try . He is co-founder and Chairperson of PIPSQC, the Paediatric International Patient Safety and Quality Community.


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