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By ISQua Thursday. Nov 4, 2021

New research published by Dr Hossam Elamir, ISQua Fellow and Fellowship Ambassador Featured

Dr Elamir shared the following introduction to his paper:


The field of leadership in healthcare and how it impacts culture, quality and safety is under-researched in the Kuwait/Arab region despite its high importance and impact. The objective of this paper is to explore and assess organizational culture and quality of care, and measure their association with transformational/transactional styles of leadership in the government general hospitals in Kuwait. Transformational leadership is one of the most effective leadership styles in health services, and has a prominent impact on the growth of leadership development strategies. This paper is the second from a research project aimed at assessing leadership styles, organizational culture, patient safety initiatives, and quality of care in six government general hospitals in Kuwait.


The article is open access and available for download here:


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